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AlzRisk AD Epidemiology Database
  Updated 24 January 2018
Risk Factor:  
B Vitamins
Blood Pressure
Cognitive Activity
Diabetes Mellitus
Dietary Pattern
Head injury
Hormone Therapy
Inflammatory Biomarkers
Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
Nutritional Antioxidants
Physical Activity
Statin use
Risk Factor Type:    
The AlzRisk database aims to provide a comprehensive, unbiased, centralized, publicly available and regularly updated collection of epidemiologic reports that evaluate environmental (i.e., non-genetic) risk factors for Alzheimer disease (AD) in well-defined study cohorts. Eligible publications are identified through contact with each cohort study supplemented by a systematic review of the literature. Note: Additions to the database are ongoing, with new risk factors, updates to currently covered risk factors, and other features to be added in the coming year.

The database can be searched by a variety of dropdown menus or by specific keywords. For each risk factor, we aim to provide a table or tables of all peer-reviewed studies published in English, and include data on the study cohort, the distribution of the risk factor (the “exposure”), the analytic methods, and the effect size and statistical significance of the observed association. Where appropriate, we also include a link to meta-analyses of the catalogued studies.

The reports in this database are primarily observational studies, in contrast to clinical trials, where the investigator assigns the level of exposure. As such, the data presented here have some inherent limitations. For additional details on these limitations, and the potential reasons for discrepancies between observational studies and clinical trials, please see the Disclaimer page. For more details on the background and methods overall, see Methods, Disclaimer, and Credits. We encourage authors and readers to contact us to report errors in the presentation of study details, or to notify us of studies that have mistakenly been left out.

How to Cite Content on AlzRisk:
Weuve J, McQueen MB, Blacker D. The AlzRisk Database. Alzheimer Research Forum. Available at: Accessed [date of access]*.

To cite data on an individual risk factor, see the Discussion page of the specific risk factor.